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Only You To Me Part 5


Judul       : Only You To Me
Author     : Choi Runnisa
Cast        : SuJu Kyuhyun   
                  as Cho Kyuhyun
                  SNSD Sooyoung
                  as Choi Sooyoung
                  EXO Suho
                  as Choi Suho
                  F(x) Victoria
                  as Victoria
               SuJu Siwon
                  as Choi Siwon
Other Cast : You Can Find It In The
Genre          : Mellow Drama


                  Part 5

Anyeong guys… Its been long long time Back again. Thanks banget udah nungguin, itu motivasi banget. BTW ni  fan fict udah super duper karatan, jadi wajib hukumnya bagi readers yang udah lama gak baca n lupa ceritanya apa lagi readers baru baca dari awal. Untuk itu reader yang baik hati ini bakal ngasi linknya di bawah ini :
(Prolog) (Part 1) (Part 2) Part 3 Part 4

And This Is The 5th Part


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