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[Link FF] So, It was You? (Part 3)

Title                 : So, It Was You?

Author             : Baby D (@dianarsitayanti)

Genre              : Romance, Friendship, Failed!Comedy

Rate                 : PG 15

Length             : Series

Main cast         : CHOI SOOYOUNG [29 y.o] & CHO KYUHYUN [30 y.o]

Other cast        :

IM YOONA [29 y.o]

LEE DONGHAE [ 30 y.o]

SEO JOOHYUN [29 y.o]

LEE TAEMIN [29 y.o]

Disclaimer       : The plot is mine, the cast belong to themselves

Author’s Note :

Gomawo atas respon positif di part 1 dan 2 nya . Yang udah nunggu kelanjutan FF ini jangan lupa comment yaaaa XD Happy reading guys~



Annyeong Haseyo.. I'm SMTOWN♥rs :D

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