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A Game of Power [Teaser Six: Untitled]


A story by Soshinism


Rating: PG 17

Genre: Romance, Action

Starring Cho Kyuhyun. Choi Sooyoung. Jung Yunho. Shim Changmin. Kwon Yuri. Kim Jaejoong


Previous Chapter

Start Off | Meetings | One Important Clue | Abduction and an Old Truth | Return of Memories


Enjoy the teaser of the next chapter here –>



SNSD makes my life complete. Sooyoung is my number one bias. Actually I love SooSica more than KyuYoung or Sooyoung-het pairings. Running Man addict, Ha Donghoon is my favorite. | I'm 98liner. Danshin. I want to study abroad in South Korea. I think sad story is my forte. And what else? Just contact me if you want to know me more (@syoongie) :D

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