Broken Marriage [Prologue]


“Broken Marriage”

Author : Ettaeminho (@ekafitri95) | Main Cast : Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior) & Choi Sooyoung (SNSD) | Genre : Drama, Hurt, Romance, Sad, Marriage Life | Lenght : Chaptered | Rating : PG-15

Disclaimer : Just own the story belongs to my stupid imagination. So, don’t copy or re-publish without any credit or permission !!

Poster by Krys

– Ettaeminho Storyline © 2015 –


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[Series] Water Love (Part 8)

WL New


Title : Water Love

Chapter : 8th

Author : Joanne K. Cho

Genre : Hurts | Romance | Drama

Rate : PG-14

Cast : Choi Soo Young |  Cho Kyuhyun |

Support Cast : Lee Dong Hae |  Yoo In Joo | Kim Hyo Rin

Warning :  Typo(s)

Disclaimer : No plagiarisme, story belong to me !!

FF ini sebelumnya pernah di post di Blog

A/N : I hope you’ll enjoy it, reader-deul ^o^)/

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[Series] Have You Seen – Part 1

Have You Seen

Title                   : Have You Seen?

Author               : soocyoung (@helloccy)

Length               : on writing

Genre                : Romance, Fantasy, Horror

Rating                : PG 16

Main cast           :

  • Choi Sooyoung
  • Cho Kyuhyun

Other cast          : Find it :)

From Author       :

Annyeonghaseyo knightdeul^^

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[Series] Stuck In Love -25-

Stuck In Love 2

Title                   : Stuck In Love

Author               : soocyoung (@helloccy)

Length               : Serial/On Writing

Genre                : Romance

Rating                : PG 16

Main cast           :

  • Choi Sooyoung
  • Cho Kyuhyun
  • Kris Wu

Other cast          : Find it :)

From Author       :

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[Oneshot] Until I Reach You

[POSTER] Until I Reach You_resized



Title : Until I Reach You


Author : dalnim


Genre : Sad, Romance


Length : Oneshoot


Main Cast : Choi Sooyoung, Cho Kyuhyun


Support Cast : Seo Joo Hyun, Victoria Song, Kwon Yuri, Im Yoon Ah.


Disclaimer : The characters are belong to God and themselves. Please don’t copy or remake it without my permission. If this fanfiction has the similarities with the other or anything, please contact me on shflyx86 (twitter account)

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I Think I Love You!! Eotokke?! 12


Judul      : I Think I Love You! Ottokee??
Author    : Choi Runnisa
Cast       : Super Junior Kyuhyun
               Girls Generation    
                Exo Kai
                Daniel Henney as Miguel
Other Cast : All SME artist,  
                   Sooyoung’s Family,
                   Kyuhyun’s Family.
Genre        : Romance Comedy
Part 1
Part 2A
Part 2B
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

“Miann Soo… Miann karena selalu membuatmu marah dan sedih, miann karena selalu mengekspresikan perasaanku dengan cara yang aneh, miann karena begitu lama tak memahami persaanku padamu, aku benar-benar bodoh hingga tak mampu mengerti dan

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[Series] The Seven Guardians (Part 3)

the seven guardians

The Seven Guardians

Choi Sooyoung | Cho Kyuhyun

Wu Kris | Kang Minhyuk | Jung Soojung | Kim Suho | Jung Eunji

Lee Eunhyuk | Song Victoria | Shim Changmin | Choi Sulli | Hwang Tiffany | Jung Yunho | Kim Taeyeon

Story and Poster by g’

5108 words



Fantasy, Sad, School-life, Romance, Friendship

This story pure from my mind. Plagiarism isn’t allowed

Warning for typo(s), bad words, etc


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[AS You?? Andwe!!] His Words

You Andwe

Title                           : [AS You?? Andwe!!] His Words

Author                       : EdraRybelvi          

Cast                            : KyuYoung

Length                       : Oneshot

Disclaimer                : Has intertextuality with other story (because there is no original idea in this world)

Nb: (a) Sorry for bad Poster

(b) Sorry for typo


Astaga, Choi Sooyoung!


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Only You To Me Part 6


Judul       : Only You To Me
Author     : Choi Runnisa
Cast        :  SuJu Kyuhyun   
                  as Cho Kyuhyun
                  SNSD Sooyoung
                  as Choi Sooyoung
                  EXO Suho
                  as Choi Suho
                  F(x) Victoria
                  as Victoria
                SuJu Siwon
                  as Choi Siwon
Other Cast : You Can Find It In The
Genre          : Mellow Drama

(Prolog) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)
(Part 5)

Part 6
Langkahku tertahan,  dan bagaikan sebuah sihir, dekapan itu menawanku dan berhasil membekukan sekujur sarafku untuk sesaat.

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