Short Stories (2011)


[Drabble] 5 Kisses

[Drabble] 28 Days



[Oneshot] Can You Hear Me?

[Oneshot] Complicated Heart

[Oneshot] Confession



[Oneshot] Definition of Love

[Drabble] Don’t Leave Me

[Songfic] Don’t Say Good Bye



[Oneshot] First Kiss

[Oneshot] Fragile



[Drabble] Gara-Gara Jupe, Kyuhyun Dead!

[Oneshot] Goodbye, I Love You



[Oneshot] Happy Birthday My Boy

[Oneshot] He’s Mine

[Songfic] How Great Is Your Love (Spring Day)



[Twoshot] I Can’t Remember Part 1 | Part 2

[Oneshot] I Just Love You

[Oneshot] I Know I Need You

[Ficlet] I Love You, KyuYoung

[Drabble] I Miss You

[Songfic] I Remember

[Oneshot] I’m Your Man (Sequel ‘My Mr. Perverter’)

[Oneshot] In The Rain With Love

[Oneshot] Is He Love Me?

[Oneshot] It’s About Surprise

[Oneshot] It’s Hurt

[Oneshot] It’s Not Love Until You Gone

[Drabble] Ice Cream Couple



[Twoshot] Kotak Kebohongan Part 1 | Part 2

[Oneshot] Kyuyoung is …..

[Drabble] KyuYoung si Raja dan Ratu Monyet



[Oneshot] Let’s Talk About Love

[Twoshot] Life Part 1 | Part 2

[Songfic] Listen to You

[Drabble] Lonely

[Twoshot] Look Like A Fairy Tale Part 1 | Part 2

[Twoshot] Love Part 1 | Part 2

[Oneshot] Love At The First Sight

[Oneshot] Love In Paris (Sequel ‘Sad Love’)

[Oneshot] Love Story : Baby Give It To Me

[Oneshot] Loving You



[Oneshot] Marry Me.. Chagi

[Oneshot] Maybe In Love

[Oneshot] Mini Dress

[Oneshot] My 7 Years of Love

[Drabble] My Black Mini Dress

[Ficlet] My Girl

[Oneshot] My Heliophobia

[Oneshot] My Love Story (Kyuyoung ver.)

[Oneshot] My Mr. Perverter

[Oneshot] My Only Hope

[Oneshot] Mystery



[Oneshot] New Year Proposal

[Oneshot] Nostalgia



[Oneshot] Only Hope

[Oneshot] (Englishfic) Only One

[Drabble] Only You

[Oneshot] Only You (Sequel ‘[Drabble] Only You’)

[Oneshot] Only You

[Oneshot] Oppa Saranghae

[Oneshot] Our Love Destiny

[Drabble] Our Story



[Oneshot] Playboy Kabel in Action

[Oneshot] Please Tell Me You’ll Stay



[Oneshot] Rain, Thanks To You

[Oneshot] Rival or What

[Oneshot] Romantic



[Oneshot] Sad Love

[Oneshot] Saranghae

[Oneshot] Satu Jam Saja

[Twoshot] Sekat Hidup dan Cinta Part 2

[Drabble] Soo Young The Explorer

[Drabble] Soo Young The Explorer (Episode 2)

[Oneshot] Saengil Chukahamnida Cho Kyuhyun

[Oneshot] Saranghae… Chingu

[Oneshot] Sorry, I Love Her

[Oneshot] Sweetest Farewell



[Oneshot] Teardrops In The Rain

[Oneshot] The 100th Blind Date

[Oneshot] The Beginning and End of Love

[Oneshot] The Letter

[Oneshot] The Sexy Voice of His (Protected)

[Oneshot] There’s No One Like You

[Oneshot] This is Love



[Drabble] Way to Meet You (Love Drug Before Story)

[Oneshot] Welcome Back, My Love!

[Oneshot] What Do You Think Guys?

[Twoshot] When I Think of You Part 1 | Part 2

[Oneshot] Will You Marry Me?

[Oneshot] With You (Before Story Don’t Leave Me)

[Oneshot] Worry



[Oneshot] Yess… I’ll

[Oneshot] You’re My Destiny


Han Jieun

17 Mei 2015

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