Short Stories (2012)

[Oneshot] Are You Jealous Again?

[Twoshot] Because I Love You Part 1 | Part 2

[Songfic] Because It’s You

[Oneshot] Behind The Scene of Kyuyoung – Happy Birthday Kyuhyun

[Twoshot] Cahaya Dalam Gelap Part 1

[Oneshot] Can You Hear Me?

[Oneshot] Child, Love and Destiny

[Ficlet] Ending of Our Love Story (Sequel ‘Can You Hear Me’)

[Oneshot] Everything is Unpredictable

[Oneshot] Fly High

[Oneshot] Forbidden Romance

[Ficlet] Forever Love

[Drabble] Give Me Love

[Oneshot] Hot and Spicy

[Drabble] I Can’t

[Drabble] I’m in Love with Him

[Oneshot] I’m Jealous? Are U Kidding?

[Drabble] If I’m Not Stupid

[Oneshot] Interview with Kyuyoung

[Oneshot] Just Mine

[Oneshot] Just Not Blank Wish

[Oneshot] Karoeke Love

[Oneshot] Kyuyoung Action on Facebook

[Ficlet] Last Gift

[Drabble] Let Him Go (Sequel ‘I’m in Love with Him’)

[Drabble] Love is Conpusing

[Oneshot] Mianhae Sungmin Oppa

[Oneshot] My Girlfriend is My Enemy

[Oneshot] My Heart is Hurt

[Oneshot] My Lovely Wedding

[Oneshot] My Oppa-Oppa (Protected)

[Oneshot] Nado Saranghae (Protected) Sequel My Oppa-Oppa

[Oneshot] Naughty

[Oneshot] Need A Patience (After Story ‘Give Me a Chance’)

[Twoshot] Never Gonna Let You Down Part 1 | Part 2

[Oneshot] Not Her But I Am

[Oneshot] Oh! My Beautiful Target

[Oneshot] Oppa, Let Me Get My Love

[Drabble] Perhaps Love

[Oneshot] Ridiculous Love

[Oneshot] Ridiculous Love (Before Wedding)

[Oneshot] Saengil Chukkae Hamnida My Love

[Twoshot] Saranghae… Part 1

[Twoshot] Sekat Hidup dan Cinta Part 1 | Part 2

[Oneshot] SNSD Pindah Dorm

[Oneshot] Strong Heart Kyuyoung Special

[Oneshot] The Desire of Love

[Oneshot] This Time for You, not Him

[Oneshot] Time Machine

[Oneshot] Vacation

[Oneshot] Waiting

[Oneshot] Wedding Day

[Songfic] What is Love

[Oneshot] Your Shadow

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