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Obliviate #4


Title : Obliviate

Author : Cocoa

Genre : Romance

Also published on : Cocoa

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[Sugary Love] 6th : Chocolate



a fiction by ettaeminho

[Super Junior] Cho Kyuhyun & [SNSD] Choi Sooyoung

Genre : Romance, Fluff | Rating : PG-15 | Duration : Drabble

Sugary Love Series :
1st : Macaron | 2nd : Brownie | 3rd : Muffin | 4th : Fortune Cookies | 5th : Ice Cream

Disclaimer : Just own the story belongs to my stupid imagination. So, don’t copy or re-publish without any credit or permission !!

_ _ _

Ia benci jika ada yang menghabiskan cokelat miliknya.

_ _ _

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[Oneshot] When I Lost You

When I Lost You




Tittle                    :  When I Lost You

Cast                     :  Cho Kyuhyun, Choi sooyoung

Other Cast           :  All member super junior, Jung Kyung Ho

Rating                  : PG-15

Genre                  :  Sad, Romance

Author                 : Naa kyuyoung

Length                 :  oneshoot

Disclaimer           :  This plot and idea is pure mine. Jika ada kesamaan dengan ff lain boleh mention di twitter @MarnaTina

Note                     :  Hai readerdeul, ini ff pertama aku. Sebenernya gak pede ngirim ke KSI. Takutnya ini ff mengecewakan, soalnya saya masih baru. Akan ada banyak adegan flashback dalam ff ini. Semua kyuhyun point of view yah. Oh iya aku juga sudah mempersiapkan sequelnya *kalau ada yang minta dan responnya bagus*. Cukup sekian cuap-cuapnya..



Happy reading ^^



Summary : “I was happy at the memories of holding hands and walking together, I look back once again at this road in case you are standing there” – Cho Kyuhyun

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[Link FF] Damn


Title : Damn

Lenght : Drablle

Author : ChoiJiKi

Genre : Romance | Comedy maybe

Rate : PG-16

Cast : Choi Soo Young | Cho Kyuhyun

Support Cast : Lee Hyuk Jae

Warning : Typo beretebaran.

Disclaimer : This Story is Mine.

Author Note:Annyeong..lni cuma iseng aja.Cuma

nyepam di wp tapi semoga menghibur.Sekalian juga selingan dati Problem Of School nya mungkin publishnya agak telat..hehe mian!

Happy Reading.

Keep RCL

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[Series] Public Prosecutor & I (part 5)

Public Prosecutor & I (part 5)

Cast :

Choi Soo Young

Cho Kyu Hyun 

Other Cast : Find it by yourself

Rating : G

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Author : @znmxxoxxo

Note :

Annyeonghaseyo, nice to meet you all!

FF ini terinspirasi dari drama Prime Minister & I. Jadi, kalau ada kesamaan mohon dimaklumi ya.

Thanks for comment in last part, readers-deul. Love you!

Sorry for typo, happy reading! 

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[Link FF] My Love, My Kiss, My Heart (Part 3)

my love, my kiss, my heart


Title: My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
Author: seobabywook
Rate: PG 13+
Length: chapter
Genre: comedy, friendship, romance, school life
-Choi Sooyoung (Sooyoung
-Cho Kyuhyun (Kyuhyun)
-Kim Ryeowook (Ryeowook)
-Seo Joohyun (Seohyun)
-Victoria Song (Victoria)
-Choi Siwon (Siwon)
-All member Super Junior
-All member SNSD
-All member f(x)
-All member SHINee
-Other SMTown Artist

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Super Junior and Girls Generation [Super Generation]


Author                         : Lousey Han

Tittle                            : Spy and The Trilogy #5

Main Cast                    :

  • Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
  • Choi Sooyoung (Girls Generation)

Other Cast                   :

  • Jessica (Girls Generation)
  • Tiffany (Girls Generation)
  • Seohyun (Girls Generation)
  • Yuri                        (Girls Generation)
  • Yoona (Girls Generation)
  • Sunny             (Girls Generation)
  • Taeyeon (Girls Generation)
  • Donghae             (Super Junior)
  • Eunhyuk             (Super Junior)
  • Siwon             (Super Junior)
  • Kibum             (Super Junior)
  • Leeteuk             (Super Junior)
  • Yesung             (Super Junior)
  • Ryeowook             (Super Junior)
  • Heechul             (Super Junior)
  • Sungmin             (Super Junior)
  • Onew (Shinee)
  • Minho (Shinee)
  • Luna ((F)x)
  • Sulli ((F)x)
  • Krystal ((F)x)
  • Luhan (EXO)
  • Tao (EXO)
  • Lay (EXO)
  • Chanyeol (EXO)

Special Appearance     :

  • Jung Sungha as mysterious guitarist (Jung family member)
  • Choi Sena (OC) as Choi Sibling member
  • Choi Hanjun (OC) as Choi Sibling member
  • Choi Minsuk (OC) as Choi Sibling member
  • Choi Soojin (OC) as Choi Sibling member

Disclaimer                   :

This story, plot, and the character is mine, it’s 100% hot from my brain. They all belongs God, their parent, SM Ent, ELF, Sone, and Sonelf.

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